Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tomorrow (Friday) at 8m I'll be interviewing the Executive Director and CEO of the Michigan Theater, Russ Collins. We'll be talking Oscars, or course, plus we'll be discussing upcoming films at the Michigan, including the stunning new music documentary Neil Young: Heart Of Gold, directed by Jonathan Demme.

On the Fine Tuning preview at 9an tomorrow you'll hear tunes from Southern singer-songwriters Mary Gauthier and Shawn Mullins.


Blogger Gary said...

Wow, I just heard that you have moved to 107.1, and heard your show this morning. Great relief to hear your great voice after listening to you for so many years at WDET. I still can't believe that they change the daytime programming so much. So I am hopefull that you will bring a great infusion to 107.1, and allow me to begin to listen to them again. Your style of playing such a variety of music and being aware of new music seems so different than my experience with 107.1 (lots of repitition of the same play list). I hope you can help them change a bit, rather than them making you change your great music talents! Good luck, and welcome to Ann Arbor!

7:35 AM  

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